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The electorate of Bass, located in the beautiful state of Tasmania, offers an idyllic lifestyle for families looking to move or relocate. From its stunning natural beauty to its excellent education system and low crime rates, Bass provides a safe and welcoming environment for families to call home. In this article, we will explore why families should consider moving to or relocating from mainland states to the electorate of Bass.

One of the most significant advantages of living in Bass is the region’s natural beauty. The area is home to breath-taking landscapes along the Tamar Valley out to the mountains in the East. Within a comfortable drive from Launceston and its surrounding towns and villages, you will find the Bay of Fires, Cradle Mountain, and several colonial villages of great historic interest; making Bass an ideal location for families who enjoy outdoor activities such as walking, cycling, hiking, camping, and fishing. The region also boasts a mild climate and plenty of sunshine, making it a pleasant place to live all year round.

The electorate of Bass in Tasmania offers a range of high-quality education options for families, with a mix of private and public schools available to choose from. Private schools such as St Patrick’s College, Scotch Oakburn College, and Launceston Church Grammar School – as well as their feeder schools for younger students – have a long-standing reputation for academic excellence and are highly sought after by families in the area. These schools consistently achieve high academic results and offer a range of co-curricular activities, including music, sports, and performing arts.

The public education system in the electorate of Bass also offers a high standard of education. According to the Department of Education, Tasmania, there are a number of high-performing public schools in the area, including Launceston College and Riverside High School. These schools offer a range of academic and vocational subjects, as well as extracurricular activities such as sports and music programs. The quality of education in public schools in the electorate of Bass is reflected in the consistently high results achieved by students in state-wide assessments, including NAPLAN and the Tasmanian Certificate of Education.

In addition, the electorate of Bass  is home to several reputable institutions, including the University of Tasmania’s Launceston campus and the Australian Maritime College, providing families with access to top-quality education options. The region also has a strong tradition of apprenticeships and vocational training, ensuring that young people have access to a wide range of career pathways.

Crime rates in Bass are significantly lower than in major Australian cities, making it a safe and welcoming environment for families. The electorate’s low crime rates can be attributed to a range of factors, including strong community values, excellent community policing, and a well-funded justice system. Families who move to Bass can enjoy peace of mind knowing that their children can play safely and that their homes and belongings are secure.

The lifestyle in Bass is also a significant drawcard for families. The region has a strong sense of community, with plenty of opportunities for families to connect with their neighbours and get involved in local events and activities. The region also has a thriving arts and culture scene, with plenty of galleries, museums, and theatres to explore. Families can enjoy a range of culinary delights, with a growing food and wine industry in the region, and a range of excellent restaurants and cafes.

In conclusion, the electorate of Bass in Tasmania offers families an idyllic lifestyle with a range of benefits, including natural beauty, a high-quality education system, low crime rates and a strong sense of community. Families looking to move or relocate from mainland states should consider Bass as a welcoming and safe environment to raise their children. With a range of incentives and support from the Tasmanian government, now is the perfect time to consider moving to or relocating to Bass.


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