Rockliff Government overtaxing to recoup obscene spending.

The Rockliff Government has been over taxing Tasmanians to recoup money due to their obscene spending problem, and it’s blaming everyone but themselves.

The Independent Member for Bass, Lara Alexander, today slammed the Liberal Government over its use of taxes during a cost-of-living crisis, saying many Tasmanians are at least one power bill price hike away from not being able to pay the bills at all.

Ms Alexander stated “this government has a huge spending problem, and it appears intent on taxing Tasmanians to financial death to try to cover its overspending tracks.

“We’ve had the bin tax, salmon tax, the parks tax at Cradle Mountain, and the disastrous proposals to ramp up the fire tax, but the biggest tax grab of all is the power tax. The Hydro dividend has increased by 31 percent, or roughly five times the rate of inflation.

“Spending has blown out under this government by billions of dollars and even more billions are being racked up on the public credit card.

“That is what is driving the governments tax agenda.”

“Over the past two years, we have seen regulated power prices rise by 11.8 percent and 9.51 percent respectively.

“TASCOSS has warned repeatedly about the impact of those power bill increases in a cost-of-living crisis.”

However, it would appear this government doesn’t care how the average Tasmanian is fairing in this cost-of-living crisis as long as they are taxing their way out of their own potential financial ruin.

Ms Alexander stated “don’t expect any disclosure by the government of this outrageous tax grab.

“Instead, what we got was cynical spin claiming that they were doing Tasmanians a favour by handing back some petty change while they ripped hundreds of dollars out of the wallets of hard-working Tasmanian families.

“This is no doubt a further return on the fifty thousand dollars the government invested in its cynical spin supporters who were brought right into the Premier’s office when they should’ve been spending their time helping Tasmanians feeling the cost-of-living crisis.

“The Government’s big announcement was that it would return thirty dollars on average in energy bill relief.

“That was based on the redistribution of 7.5 million dollars of the Hydro dividend.

“What the cynical spin merchants did not say was that on the same basis the 97.5 million dollars retained by the government represented the rip-off of 390 dollars from the average power bill.

“That is the Government tax.”

Thursday November 2nd, 2023

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