Macquarie Point Stadium Proposal – Alternative Proposal

The Stadia Precinct Consortia released yesterday their proposed alternative business concept for the stadium. 
I haven’t seen the business case, I do not know the details, but I have always said the Government needs to work on a plan B in case their plan A doesn’t work. A plan that delivers a team for Tasmania, a plan that minimises the debt exposure and manages the financial risks for our State. After the shambles of plan A, you would think the Government would keep its options open and engage with the business community? I was surprised to read in the media yesterday, Minister for Stadia and Events, Minister Street, shooting down the new proposal from Stadia Precinct Consortia because, among other things, it didn’t have a business case! I would call this double standard because the Government itself, with his stadium project did not give us a business case or a Treasury assessment. Hypocrisy? 
The Minister also said, ‘the contract for a Tasmanian AFL team required a stadium at Macquarie Point’. So basically, whether we like it or not, the AFL has called the location for Tasmanians? Does this mean that even if a plan B is put in front of the Government, they will not endeavour to work out a solution? Hmmmm….I wonder who is now building and who is blocking?
I am genuinely interested to understand what is going on so today I have asked the question from the Minister for Stadia and Events.

Thursday 19th October, 2023.

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