The Independent Member for Bass, Lara Alexander, calls out the Government for deliberately spreading misleading information.

Independent Member for Bass, Lara Alexander has today accused the Premier of treating Parliament with contempt and attempting to hoodwink Tasmanians over the AFL stadium project.

Mrs Alexander said the claim that introduction of an order to Parliament for the declaration of the Macquarie Point Renewal Project as a Project of State Significance was one step closer to breaking ground on the development was seriously misleading.

“This could not be further from the truth, and the Premier knows it.

“The fate of the stadium project is in the hands of the Tasmanian Planning Commission and the Parliament.

“The Government does not have the numbers to do anything without Parliament’s approval and should stop playing silly games.”

Mrs Alexander said the independent assessment of the stadium project under Parliamentary oversight had been imposed on the Premier after it lost the numbers on the floor.

“The Government didn’t want anything to do with Parliamentary scrutiny of its disastrous one-sided deal with the AFL.

“The order declaring the stadium a project of state significance needs approval of both Houses.

“If it passes, there will be a comprehensive independent assessment by the Tasmanian Planning Commission and the findings of that assessment will have no effect until they are again subject to scrutiny by both Houses of Parliament.

“It is time for the Premier to acknowledge the fate of his pet project is now out of his hands and will be subject to the public interest test that appears to have been missing when the terrible deal was signed with the AFL.

“Most importantly if the TPC report findings are not supportive of the project, what is the Premier going to do? Call the TPC a ‘blocker’?” Mrs Alexander said.

Tuesday October 17th, 2023

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