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Green Bean Café partners with Red Dove Café to serve their community dinners to friends in need and the homeless.

The Green Bean Café, a beloved establishment known for its warm atmosphere and welcoming spirit, is
delighted to announce its partnership with the Red Dove Café to continue providing their community.
dinners to the homeless, the lonely, and less fortunate members of our community.
Thanks to the efforts of Lara Alexander, Independent MP for Bass, this partnership has become a reality,
ensuring that those in desperate need will have a warm place to go every Friday night to feel a part of the
Paul Giddins and Tracey Clarey, owners of Green Bean Café, have been a beacon of compassion in
Launceston for years, serving an estimated 7,000 hot meals and countless coffees to those in need.
However, due to unfortunate circumstances in their building, they were forced to halt serving their
community dinners in mid-May.
After reading the troubling story in the Examiner, and recognising Paul and Tracey’s wonderful work had
been stopped due to no fault of their own, Independent Member for Bass, Lara Alexander, sprang into
action to leverage her network to find a replacement venue for Paul and Tracey.
Mrs Alexander said that after contacting fellow Rotarian and Chair of the Pilgrim Uniting Church
committee, Dr Les Baxter, Paul, Tracey, and she met with members of the church council, who generously
offered the Red Dove Café on Paterson Street as a new venue to serve the community dinners.
“We were thrilled to find a new venue so Paul and Tracey could continue to serve their community dinners
to those in need including the homeless,” Mrs Alexander said.
“At this time of the year, it is impossible to overestimate the importance of Paul and Tracey’s compassion
and generosity to people and families in need in our community.
“We all have a responsibility to look after each other, especially those who are facing dire circumstances.
All I did was find a venue so Paul and Tracey can continue their important work. Offering a lifeline to many
local people and families in need is just wonderful. I am so grateful to them for what they do and for the
opportunity to assist them with their vital work. I encourage the whole community to rally behind Paul and
Tracey to support an initiative that makes such a positive difference in the lives of so many people,” Mrs
Alexander said.
Mr Giddins added that the Green Bean Café Friday night gatherings provide more than just a meal;
explaining that they also offer a sense of belonging and community.
“The people who dine with us on a Friday night are our friends. We welcome them in, give them a hot
meal, and treat them with warmth, respect, and compassion – as you would with any friend. We are
immensely grateful to Lara, her team, and the Pilgrim Uniting Church for their unwavering support to make
this transition possible,” Paul said.
“With midwinter approaching, and cold nights descending upon Launceston, the timing of this partnership
could not be more crucial. Starting from 6 pm on Friday, June 16, the Green Bean Café will resume its
operations at the Red Dove Café, 34 Paterson Street, opposite the Birchalls carpark. We are so excited to
be able to, once again, warmly welcome and serve meals to our friends in need between 6 pm to 8 pm.
The colder it gets, the warmer the welcome our friends can expect from us,” Paul added.
Paul Giddins, Tracey Clarey, and Lara Alexander expressed their gratitude to the Pilgrim Uniting Church for
offering the Red Dove Café as a venue. They also thanked the Examiner, and 7 Tas for their extensive news
coverage, which led to this heartening solution. Together, they hope to inspire others to show compassion,
extend a helping hand, and foster a stronger sense of community for everyone in and around Launceston.

Thursday June 15, 2023


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