Media Notification and Clarification

Over the past few days there have been several media reports that suggest the Independent Member for Bass, Lara Alexander, MP, and/or the Independent Member for Lyons, John Tucker, MP, support the proposed stadium at Macquarie Point in Hobart.

These statements are incorrect.

As of this notification, Mr Tucker and Mrs Alexander are supporting a transparent process of assessment for the proposed stadium at Macquarie Point in Hobart; and clear Parliamentary oversight of the proposed stadium by the House of Assembly and the Legislative Council.

When the assessment process has been finalised, Mr Tucker and Mrs Alexander will decide (individually) if they support the proposed stadium or not.

Their individual decisions will be based on their determination of the proposed stadium’s social, economic, and environmental benefits to Tasmania.

Mr Tucker and Mrs Alexander would be grateful if all media reports, pertaining to their position on the proposed stadium, reflect the facts as outlined above.

A further statement will be issued if there is any change to these views or positions.

This statement is correct as of: Monday May 22, 2023.  

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